Motorcycle Regulator Schematic

Motorcycle Regulator Schematic
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For BMW R Series

Correctly adjusted, the voltage on the pot wiper is slightly less than half D+ (appx. 0.47*D+) and Q1 will conduct if (D+)-(Vp)>6.2+0.7+0.7, or 0.53*(D+) > 7.6V, (D+) > 14.3V. If D+ is lower than 13.7V, Q1 will not conduct, Q2 will get driven via R5, and Q3 will conduct. Df will carry a voltage. When D+ rises, Q1 will start conducting, Q2 will get pinched gradually, and so will Q3. Voltage on Df will drop.
Authored by Matt Bennett at Matt's Garage Homepage, Added: Mar 8, 2004

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