DIY CNC iPad Stand

DIY CNC iPad Stand

If you have an iPad you know that there will come a time when you need to have it stand on it’s own. Watching a video, reading a recipe, following some online steps for your next project are all times when you will want a stand. The next issue is that you will want a different viewing angle for each situation. There are some iPad covers that have some built in stands but they are not usually very sturdy and not that adjustable.

A fantastic solution is this DIY CNC iPad stand by Planetdaz68 which looks great, have multiple viewing angles and is very sturdy. If there is anything that looks like it could be improved would be the size, it appears that the 4 pieces are permanently glued together. Instead of being glued together it would be nice to see it using a slot together construction which is solid when assembled but can be taken apart when transporting it.

Via Hacked Gadgets, Published: 2012.06.28

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