One console to rule them all

One console to rule them all

[Bacteria] retro console modder extraordinaire, is back at it with a rather massive project. “Unity”(originally Dubbed Alpha Omega), this will be a single unit that can play games from 20 different console systems. It will run from one power supply, have one video output, and strangely enough, one controller.

[Chris Downing] was nice enough to tip us off to a video of the Unity controller in action.  The controller isn’t quite as bulky as we would have assumed with the extensive list of consoles it has to support, but that could be, in part, due to the fact that you actually swap out the brains for the controller for each system’s compatibility.

Unless we missed something in the extensive thread, the following game systems have already been assimilated:

Sega SMS – done, not added into system yet

Nintendo NES – done, not added into system yet

Mattel Intellivision

Nintendo GameCube (and GBA via GBA Player)

Amiga CD32

Philips CD-i

Playstation 2 (also plays Playstation 1 games)

with these remaining on the list:

SNK NeoGeo

Sega MegaDrive

Amstrad GX4000

Nintendo 64

Sega Saturn

Sega DreamCast


Nintendo SNES

NEC TurboGrafx/PC Engine

Atari 7800 (also plays Atari 2600 games)

Atari Jaguar

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Via Hack a Day, Published: 2012.06.03

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