Apple Ibook G3 battery repair

My mac book is working fine, but the battery will not change and the power meter, on the battery, don't work.

Apple Ibook G3 battery repair

step 1What the problem could be

I wanted to check if the battery was really dead. I knew there is a circuit board inside, to regulate and monitor the battery temperature. Here is how to open it and possi…

step 2What you will need

You will need a special screw driver. it looks like a Phillips head, but it only has 3 branches instead of 4. it is sometimes referred as a Tri-wing or trigram screwdriver…

step 3Take the screws off the

Remove the battery from the laptop Remove the 2 tri-wing screws using the special screwdriver I mentions before.

step 4Remove the cover

The cover is slightly glued on and has some snaps. Pull on it lightly without braking any of them.

step 5Remove the board

the control board can be partly remove. no need to take it our completely

step 6Locating the fuse

The fuse is located on the right bottom of the board in this picture. If you have a volt meter, set it on continuity and see if the fuse is blown. If the fuse is actualy …

step 7Put the battery back together

Once the fuse is replaced, you can test it by pressing the test button on the bottom of the battery pack. Of course, if your battery is totally dead. The LED will not turn …

step 8Final Test

If the battery had a blown up fuse, it was impossible to charge the battery. Once the battery is reinserted into the laptop, it should be charging again. leave it on charg…

Via Instructables, Published: 2009.06.08

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