Battery transplant, recycling to the max

While cleaning my work shop, I found a couple of DeWALT Batteries that were completely dead. They would not take a charge, and zapping them with high voltage did not work ether. Since most of my tools are DeWALT having extra batteries is helpful. So i wasn't just going to recycle them. Decided to take the surgical approach and do a transplant. I used to have a Milwaukee 18 volt drill, unfortunately it's not with us anymore. Held on to the batteries in the hopes that one day I just might buy another one. Well, never did. But now I have a new purpose for it. Green element: Using a battery to it's full potential before recycling, I figure might creates less waste, because I'm not buying a new one, just giving old one another purpose. By the way, just because you see me doing this, and it works for me, does not mean, that i said it was okay for you to do it, and if you blow your self up in the process don't come crying back to me. Take responsibilities for your own actions.

Battery transplant, recycling to the max

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step 1Tools

To start off, you are going to have to get some tools. Soldering Iron, screwdriver, small pliers, knife, and a multimeter. Optional Heat gun

step 2Dissasambly

Lets start by removing enclosures of both batteries. Upon removal, you are going to see that both batteries contain the same "C" size cells, just arranged differently. Our…

step 3Re-arrangeing

Now that you have all cells exposed, you can see how they are connected. All of my cells and spot welded together with thin metal strip. We need to separate the donor batt…

step 4Re-assembly

Having everything arranged, so it fits in the case, we have to start reconnecting the top portion of the battery. There might be some of the tabs already facing the right w…

step 5Testing

Once everything is ready we can put it back in to the case, Take all of your cells and slide it in to the plastic enclosure. screw it all together, and put it on the charge…

Via Instructables, Published: 2009.04.04

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