LED Light

Ever found yourself in the dark , not being able to see. Well now you can with this fabulous led light you will be able to see again.

LED Light

step 1Materials

- 4 small watch batteries - 1 led light with on and off button - 1 sharpie permanent marker cap duct tape scissors Oh and 4 minutes of your life.

step 2The batteries

Tape the 4 small watch batteries together with a small piece of duct tape.(see picture 1) Attach your led light to your batteries and tape them together.(see picture 2) tes…

step 3Putting it Togather

Place the LED/light into the marker cap(see picture 1), then tape the top up. If you push on the top the light should turn on. It should now look like picture 1 THANKS LE…

Via Instructables, Published: 2009.03.29

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