Solar powered stove using 100% recycled materials

This is an exercise in recycling and alternative energy use. I used a discarded 62 inch satellite dish and used CD's to create this along with materials that I had laying around. Nothing was purchased for this project.

Solar powered stove using 100% recycled materials

step 1Making the base/stand

I did not have the base, so I made one from 3" ABS plastic pipe inserted in the ground about 18". I then filled it with concrete and re-rod for stability.

step 2Attaching CD's

I used a combination of 1/8" X 3/4" fender washers and #4 by 3/8" machine screws for most of the CD's and a tube of leftover silicone adhesive to attach the outer 2 rows. …

step 3Making the cooker

This unit did not come with the receiver. I estimated the focal point using the existing supports for the original receiver. All the parts were things I had in the garage…

step 4Aiming device

Using the original dish adjuster is perfect for aligning the dish. I believe that this is a 24 volt DC adjuster. I only had a 12 volt battery available. It works but is …

step 5Getting the alignment with the sun

I used a sheet of paper under the dish at the point where it swivels. There is a round opening in the center of the dish. When the sun makes a nice circle in the center y…

step 6Testing the temperature

These pictures show a temperature of 400 degrees. This is adequate for my uses. In an earlier experiment I had CD's covering every available square inch of the surface of…

Via Instructables, Published: 2009.05.04

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