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Eradicating invasive species with quadcopters

Eradicating invasive species with quadcopters

That right there is Sydney Golden Wattle, a fast-growing invasive species native to Eastern Australia that has the possibility of covering 20 percent of the bushland in Western Australia by the year 2020.

Via Hack a Day | Posted on 2012.08.21 at 10:01

High voltage ROV adventures

High voltage ROV adventures

[Eirik] wrote in to share the build log for the third iteration of his underwater ROV. The first two project were completed and tested (you may remember reading about it back in January), but both had issues that caused general failure.

Via Hack a Day | Posted on 2012.08.20 at 19:12

Water glider prototype

[Byrel Mitchell] wrote in to share some details on this water glider which he has been working on with his classmates at the Nonlinear Autonomous Systems lab of Michigan Technological University.

Via Hack a Day | Posted on 2012.08.17 at 19:14

Autonomous fixed-wing drone threads the needled in a parking garage

We’ve got something of a love affair going on with quadcopters, but there’s still room for a little something on the side. This fixed-wing drone can pull off some pretty amazing navigation.

Via Hack a Day | Posted on 2012.08.17 at 03:04

LEGO ROV without a tether

LEGO ROV without a tether

[Brane] built an underwater ROV from LEGO mindstorm parts. Look closely at this image and you should notice something missing. The tether that normally carries power and control lines from an ROV to the surface is missing.

Via Hack a Day | Posted on 2012.08.15 at 07:20

Robot servo control using smartphone audio jack

Robot servo control using smartphone audio jack

[Jim] has an old Android phone he’d like to use as a Robot brain. It’s got a lot of the things you’d want in a robot platform; WiFi, Bluetooth, a camera, an accelerometer, etc.

Via Hack a Day | Posted on 2012.08.14 at 14:11

Earthworm robot does what earthworms do

This earthworm robot comes to us from researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is made up of mostly soft parts and manages to inch its way along the ground.

Via Hack a Day | Posted on 2012.08.13 at 22:15

Roomba 4000 teardown ready for your Doomba build

In addition to getting a haircut, [Dino] spent his week editing an old video of him tearing down a Roomba 4000. These robots can be picked up for just a few dollars on eBay, making them one of the cheapest bodged up robotics dev platforms available.

Via Hack a Day | Posted on 2012.08.13 at 22:08

‘Vortex-drive’ for underwater ROV propulsion

‘Vortex-drive’ for underwater ROV propulsion

This is [Lee von Kraus'] new experimental propulsion system for an underwater ROV. He developed the concept when considering how one might adapt the Bristlebot, which uses vibration to shimmy across a solid surface, for use under water.

Via Hack a Day | Posted on 2012.08.11 at 01:34

Robot cares for grave stones while honoring the dead

This robot was built to care for the graves and honor the dead in the Jewish tradition. It is called “Stoney” and was developed by [Zvika Markfeld] based on a concept by [Itamar Shimshony] who is working toward an MFA degree.

Via Hack a Day | Posted on 2012.08.10 at 11:03

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