A simple but powerful pneumatic spud gun

In this 'ible i'll show you how to create a simple but powerfull spud gun. (a.k.a. the taser totter a.k.a the tater tosser a.k.a. the potatoe cannon a.k.a. the spud-zooka)

However, instead of the commonly found and more dangerous combustion based spud gun, we'll be building a pneumatic spud gun. (It fires using compressed air) The gun's design and inner workings are actually very simple. Using an air compressor, a chamber is filled with air. This air is held in the chamber by a valve. When the valve opens quickly (in a fraction of a second) an enormous amount of pressure is released onto the projectile, forcing it down the barrel, and finally, out of the gun into your neighbor's window.

Before we begin, I nor Instructables will hold responsibility over what you do with the information you are about to recieve. If this form of pneumatics is illegal in your area you will be held accountable for your actions. Even if it is not illegal for you, you are accountable for yourself. This project is not reccomended for small children as this is dangerous. once again, I NOR INSTRUCTABLES WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS.

Head to the next step to find out what materials you'll need.

A simple but powerful pneumatic spud gun

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step 1What you'll need

In this step we'll be finding or buying our parts.  (If you dont know what this is ask your local hardware store for assistance. Just don't tell them what its for as this g…

step 2Building the fill and relief plug

In this step we'll be starting the actual building process. Its fairly simple but can easily be messed up so you may wish to purchase an extra cleanout plug.First drill out…

step 3setting up the chamber

In this step we'll be constructing the chamber. This is the most confusing part of this  'ible. I had lot of trouble when assembling the barrel as i messed around with the …

step 4adding the barrel

In this step we'll be adding the barrel. Again, i'm only going to type how to do this as you can learn how to cement pvc with this…

step 5ammunition and modifications

for ammunition, you may wish to use various things depending on where your shooting and how much wind there is. i prefer to shoot either potatoes or steel wool rolled up in…

Via Instructables, Published: 2009.10.19

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