How to get high without taking any drugs

Yep ! It's possible, i've recently find an extraordinary software called i-doser. It's very simple, i'm gonna explain. The software is supposed to simulate the effects of drugs, like cocaine, marijuana, or to help you making lucid dream, or get rid of a headaches ... If you're still interested, go on reading !

How to get high without taking any drugs

step 1Dowload the software.

First of all, you got to download the software, it's free, and there is no spyware, i swear :D Dowload here : EDIT : The right link : […

step 2Dowload additional sounds

There is more than 170+ sounds, they each costs ~3,99$ but ... what about following this [ link] ? You will need winrar to extract the…

step 3Start your first doses !

i advise you to start with Opium, a moderate-strong doses, it causes euphoria, and a big smile on your face ! The doses last 30 minutes, i know it's a bit long, but you won…

Via Instructables, Published: 2009.08.26

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