Two Straws Illusion

The two straws here are obviously of different lengths, correct? Let's take a closer look. Because we take in only 20% of the information that we see, our brains make up the rest. Sometimes they get it wrong. Here is an example of an optical illusion that "plays" on this fact. It is simple yet effective, and it relies on that 80% of information that our brains "make up." This video shows how to present the full effect of the optical illusion:

Two Straws Illusion

step 1What You Need

To re-create this illusion, you will need: 1) An 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper 2) A black magic marker (Sharpie's work great for this) 3) A drinking straw 4) A pair of sc…

step 2The Creation Phase

First of all, use the scissors to cut two 3-inch lengths of straw. Make sure that you measure this accurately before you make the cuts. Then, with the sheet of paper …

step 3The Illusion

Now that the bones of the illusion are formed, it's time to utilize the two straws. They help to enhance the effect of visual deception. Simply place them on the two ho…

step 4Optional Further Proof

Just for insurance, further proof is nice to have with you. Take a business card and, on the back, measure three inches over from the left end and make a mark. This will …

Via Instructables, Published: 2009.09.22

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