[World Hacking] The curse of the white ‘perl’

[World Hacking] The curse of the white ‘perl’

One week ago we posted our first World Hacking article, this week I must admit some serious headliners have been made by the notorious lizards of Lulz Security.

First of all, the Antisec movement (a call to gather world’s superstar coders)  has been gathering a fair number of ‘allied ships’ to say it in the LulzSec definition. Making the group more potent every day. Which is for you to decide if this is a good or bad thing. With this type of war fleet roaming the misty waters of IP-land, ‘phishing’ boats of contra-hacker groups are doing all what’s in their possibilities to raise the sail and gather information to stop the Lulz captains from their weekly whale hunt.

Most notably this week was the capture of UK based IRC channel provider Ryan Cleary. Law enforcers from F.B.I and Scotland Yard cooperated to arrestet young sport Cleary (19y) since he was running certain IRC  chatrooms at home, used by certain members of the LulzSec group. Yet at present time no confirmed official statement has been released where Ryan is a confirmed active member of the group. LulzSec’s “press associate” under the nickname “Topiary” said Mr. Cleary was just an IRC host where (as on many other networks) the security group had a chatroom. Topiary also mentioned the fact that many media outlets are in fact making up “leader bust” exaggerations to fill up their daily headlines. On the other hand, Mr. Cleary was suspected from certain personal hacks made back in 2010 and a LulzSec follow-up attack on the SOCA. Note: Topiary is also the definition for nicely clipped hedges/shrubs.  Although we doubt Mr. Topiary is a keen gardener, he sure knows his stuff about recycling his harvest.

DPS, the Arizona Department of Safety was attacked only a couple of days ago by LulzSec.  Main reason for the attack’s statement was “We are targeting AZDPS specifically because we are against SD1070 and the racial profiling anti-immigrant police state that is Arizona”.  Their spree resulted in the DPS’s high confidential files being thrown on to the Lulz-version of cloud storage.

FoxNews quoted <in a coquette teenagers  voice> “Judging by this amateur website, the group Lulzsec doesn’t look they’re a threat to anyone”.  Now this might either be a setup plan to provoke a potential hack to the FoxNews website, or it might have been a reporter not having done her necessary research on their portfolio. The report also covered an interview with a security expert from Data Doctors who, except for gaining free advertising space on fox, claimed “the fact that we are talking about them, we’re getting them exactly what they want, they’re not going to stop at this”.

Lulzsec doesn’t plan to cut its activity down and already announced more loot in the following days (loot: harvested data from battle/hacks, a term popular in online gaming). So the game continues, can the eagle catch the lizard..  it is to be seen.

Discussion question 1:  What’s your opinion on the fact that the group does not particularly use their obtained data, yet by offering it as a public download generating a horde of scavengers who actually use the stolen content to drain other people’s paypal or credit cards?

Discussion question 2: Will the currently high level of hacking activity impact future products as the Sony PSVita, Apple iPhone 5, Xbox, … ?

Via , Published: 2013.01.30