Homebuilt anemometer

Homebuilt anemometer
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An inexpensive cup anemometer that updates data every five minute to a computer.

To add a little more challenge to this project and make it less expensive, I decided to try to build the anemometer using parts I already have, if possible. Here is a small list of parts:
  • 3x plastic coffee spoons
  • 1x coke cap
  • 1x 'pinch roller' (from a VCR)
  • 1x slotted infra-red sensor
  • 1x aluminium stick
  • 1x spray can cap
  • 1x transistor
  • 2x resistors
  • 1x triple contact terminal block
Authored by Raphael Assenat at Home Page, Added: 22 Dec 2006

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