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9V/1kV DC/DC converter

9V/1kV DC/DC converter

Robert Gawron’s home insect electrocution project:

Currently I’m working on a device to electrocute home insects like cockroaches, progress is small because they are smarter than I thought, but that’s a different story. For that project I had to find a source of sufficient high voltage and output power. Presented in previous post 5V/400V converter had insufficient voltage and power, another option, flyback transformer was too dangerous to be used here.
Finally, I have made a new high voltage supply based on an inverter transformer and voltage doubler. It seems to be ok for this job, but it can be used in various other applications so I’m presenting it in a separate entry.

Warning! the device produces high voltage that can be lethal, if you want to build it, please take cautions.

Project info at Robert Gawron’s blog.

Check out the video after the break.