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Food and Science

Food and Science
Bad coffee

I like science and measurement  — a theme that underpins this blog. Let’s take a major source of pleasure for all of us (food!) and think about it in the scientific context.

Remember when fat was vilified? Now it’s wheat. What’s next, water?  — oops, sorry, that’s been done; most people I work with drink bottled water. At home, I guzzle from the tap, but drink bottled water in foreign lands based on analysis from biologists and recommendations from public and population health professionals.

Less than ~1% have gluten allergy. Now, scores say they are gluten sensitive and a myriad of so-called experts and opinions run amuck. We’ve got 3 friends with biopsy-proven celiac disease and I know how to cook to keep them happy and healthy.

I think most of my other gluten sensitive friends and colleagues are caught up in the latest food fad. But they all retort — it says so on the web and TV; so it must be true! Why can’t people just avoid the foods they don’t tolerate and get on with life — I see no need to buy the related magazines/cookbooks, watch quacks on TV, tell everyone they’ve discovered a life changing truth and turn it into a theology. Back to science:

Time for a primer on the best available food evidence set to parody of a nice pop song:

Video link :

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