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Clear Shot: Three Good Digital Camera Under $ 200

Clear Shot: Three Good Digital Camera Under $ 200
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3. Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera

This neat little camera from Nikon is all about simple operation. Thanks to its special features, this point-and-shoot camera is a good choice for many beginners.


This product boasts a nice set of features.


  • Smart Portrait System. Never worry about making someone look bad on camera. Let the Smart Portrait system automatically adjust settings to get you that great personal and family photo.
  • Wide-angle NIKKOR Lens. The lens of this camera takes everything in. You won’t miss a detail with this on your camera.
  • Video Mode. This camera can record 720p videos easily and quickly. Though not a dedicated video camera, it does manage to get the job done.


Buyers of this camera will appreciate two things about it.

  • Easy to Use. This point-and-shoot camera is about just taking simple pictures. No need for endless tweaking. This camera does the heavy lifting. You just need to aim it at the right direction.
  • Zoom Lens. The zoom lens is a great addition and will get you closer to your intended subject.


There is a problem with the camera though.

  • Low Light Pictures. Though it does have a flash, it is not that strong. You may want to take pictures only in well-lighted areas or events.

Who It Is Best For

This is a nice camera for the outdoors and family portraits. If you have a tendency to be outside a lot, this is a great choice.


Overall, the COOLPIX L32 is a nice, simple camera that should meet most of your needs.


A Final Take

These three cameras are just a few examples of the choices out there. Check out more cameras to see which one would be best for your needs.

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