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9 Good Budget Motherboards for your Turbo Charged Gaming PCs

9 Good Budget Motherboards for your Turbo Charged Gaming PCs
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3) ASUS Z170-PRO ATX NA Motherboard


Even though contested by the top-class rival motherboards, the ASUS Z170-Pro is one of the best entry-level gaming motherboards available in the market today. It has a great price-to-performance ratio with a strong gaming foundation system, centered UEFI, and support of safe gaming environment with a compatible software system.


  • The 5-way optimization and 2nd generation T-Topology feature allows you to optimize your system with just a click
  • The Z170-pro has a perfect combination of components and controllers
  • The I/O on rear side is well flashed
  • USB 3.1 of type A and type C, DDR4, M.2 with NVMe, and SLI gives excellent and multiple connectivities
  • The price is worthy for the hardware it offers



  • The software package seems to be bloated slightly
  • Plain aesthetics
  • Many users complain that the board came dead on arrival, so it is better to check when you get it




The usual standard of Asus gaming motherboards makes the Asus Z170 Pro a conservative and subdued motherboard for gaming. May it not be the best affordable motherboard for the features provided, it still sets the high-level bars than some other alternative gaming motherboards.


4) MSI M7 Intel Z170A LGA 1151 Gaming Motherboard



The MSI M7 Z170A Motherboard allows you achieve the highest level of overclocking according to the compatibility of the components. Not only this, but you can push the processor for some extra FPS also.





  • Presence of dual SATA, 2nd generation USB 3.1, and M.2 twin turbo allows having multiple connection options
  • The audio output is great
  • Manual tuning is as easy as never and the automatic clocking is like eating a chocolate
  • Powerful and compatible software support for gaming
  • You will get maximum speed of high-density DIMMs in all the slots with the help of dual-phase DIMM VRM
  • Featured with a game boost knob which allows reaching maximum clocking easily
  • Ready-to-tweak BIOS
  • Price is compatible in the market



  • Cheap quality of fan headers
  • It is a gaming motherboard (as advertised and featured), but no any ‘free game’ with it. Isn’t it weird?
  • The traditional combination of red and black color for pointing towards games. Not bad, but could be some more attractive




At a price and with the features the MSI M7 Z170A motherboard is available, it surely delivers more than expected. Excellent software which is centered towards gaming will take a smile on your face when you get it on your hands. There are scopes of improvements in the quality of fan headers and color choice, but these are the things which most people will like to neglect against the performance they get.


5) Gigabyte GA-Z170X-GAMING 6 LGA1151 Intel Motherboards for Gaming Pcs



In recent times, Gigabyte has expanded the gaming line by making some major revisions in their products. The incoming number of new and upgraded gaming motherboards is an example of it. After the launch of Skylake, Gigabyte has tested a new motherboard every month or so. The GA-Z170X-Gaming 6 motherboard from Gigabyte is also one of the upgraded motherboards. Regarding features and price, it sets between its predecessors Gaming 5 and Gaming 7 versions.


  • Its features have a good ability to overclock
  • The quality of the audio output is better than the other in-class gaming motherboards
  • The layout is easy-to-work and logical
  • Trace path LED lights will help you to see where to connect the peripherals even in darkness
  • Color of the lights can be changed to match your systems lighting



  • The rear I/O has only six USB ports, more expected
  • Lot similarities with the cheaper Z170X-Gaming 5 version
  • Gaudy design




The style of the Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 6 motherboard may not match with everyone’s taste, but it is a great choice for those who want a high-end feature-packed motherboard for gaming PCs.


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