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10 Useful Android Apps for Electronics and Electrical Engineers

10 Useful Android Apps for Electronics and Electrical Engineers
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1) ElectroDroid


Last but not the least, in fact, ElectroDroid is the best Android app for electrical engineers. This app is also developed by IODEMA Srl who also has developed the ‘PICmicro Database’ in this list. ElectroDroid is a powerful yet simple resource of electronics references and tools. It is available in free as well as pro version.



ElectroDroid is a combination of some useful tools like filter calculator, resistor color code calculator, voltage divider, resistor ratio, SMD resistor code, etc. The image above is the home screen of the app ‘ElectroDroid’ that shows you different options and menu buttons. You can choose the calculator according to your preferences and terms you want to measure for your on-field work. The calculators include resistance color code, inductor color code, Ohm’s law, SMD resistor code, voltage divider, etc. The screen ahead shows different pin outs to select from. You can choose either USB port, Serial port, Parallel port, Ethernet port, Scart connector, DVI connector, Display port, VESA connector, etc. can know their pin design, pin name, and its description with circuit diagrams.


ElectroDroid Pinouts


In the next image, you can see the resources of different apps which help you to navigate through various functions and get your answers all at one place.


ElectroDroid Resources


The other screen shows the option of installing a new plugin you want. It means if you want any specific plugin for the app to make it better for your use, then you can have it without installing other apps or finding any other resource online.


ElectroDroid New Plug In



In the next image, you can see the measurement of inductor color code. You can select from various options for choosing the color of the inductor bands and can have the inductor value.


ElectroDroid Inductor Color Code


In the screen ahead, you can see the circuit diagram, calculation, and resistor series of an adjustable voltage regulator. Here also you have a number of options to get the desired value for your purpose.


Electrodroid Voltage Regulator


The last screen shows the app info where you can download the full version of the app, can go to the play store to rate it or can contact the support to get the answer to your queries. I too used the support feature and got a quick and helpful response.


ElectroDroid App Info


ElectroDroid has an impressive collection of the pin out diagrams, references, different electrical calculations, and other functionalities. This number of variations, usefulness, genuine user reviews, top-rating, and easy-to-use app features make it the best app for electrical engineers in the current time.


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We hope our recommendations of the apps and tools will help you get your best companion from the lot. All these apps are recommended for electrical and electronics engineers, students, technicians, electricians, and others who need such electronics information and calculations. Do let us know (Via our ‘Contact us’ link at the bottom of our website) if we have missed anything and if you want to share your experience with us.


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