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10 Useful Android Apps for Electronics and Electrical Engineers

10 Useful Android Apps for Electronics and Electrical Engineers
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9) Electrical Dictionary

If you are an electrical engineer who is just starting a career in the field, then the ‘Electrical Dictionary’ is a must have app on your Android device. Very handy when you need to know and understand the Electrical terms and definitions. Let’s see what this app contains.



This app developed by Julia Dictionary Inc. It’ is equipped with Fuzzy logic which lets you search the word for which you want to know about.


Electrical Dictionary Search Result



Here you can see that I have just started searching for the terms I was wondering for and the dictionary has shown me the suggested electrical definitions for that words. This app also lets you mark the terms as important for a quick future reference. It contains more over 16000 electrical terms and is available for download completely FREE. It acquires tiny space on your Android device, so you need not worry about your disk space.


Electrical Dictionary Search Result Power


Any electrical tool you want to know about whether it is related to electronics, electricity, digital computing, telecommunication, control systems, power engineering, or electromagnetism; the ‘Electrical Dictionary’ has answers for these all. In one word, this app is a ‘valley of Electrical knowledge’.


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