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Here are Eight Interesting Arduino Projects

Here are Eight Interesting Arduino Projects

An ARDUINO based JPEG Camera with IR and PIR

Project by Boris Landoni from Open – Electronics dot org.


Let’s equip Arduino with a serial-interface JPEG Camera with IR and try two applications: the first one saves shots (on a SD-card) at regular intervals while the second uses a PIR sensor to detect intrusions and photograph what happens.




Recently, miniaturized cameras with serial communication interface have been launched on the market. Compared to traditional cameras, they offer easier integration with Arduino or other microcontroller-based boards.

This article will show how to use this camera in two different Arduino projects: the first creates a timing system to take pictures on specific intervals, storing them on the SD-card, while the second is an automatic surveillance system activated only if the special PIR sensor (Passive Infrared Radar) detects a warm object moving in the camera view field. In practice, this second application is a time-lapse video surveillance device that records what happens in a room, activated by the detection of moving people or vehicles. Of course, the PIR detection area must match the same camera angle so that the captured images effectively show the triggering “foe”.

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An ARDUINO based JPEG Camera with IR and PIR