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Nine Free Online Audio Editors

Nine Free Online Audio Editors


Audio editors are to audio files as text editors and word processors are to text.  Professional audio editing software would prove to be expensive and overwhelming to a common user, who needs to do just basic editing jobs like cutting, trimming and joining his personal audio files.  In such cases, free online audio editors prove to be a great boon.

In this 3-page article, we shall take a brief look at some of the free online audio editors you can use to edit your personal audio files.

We shall discuss about:

  1. Probe Audio Editor
  2. Apowersoft Audio Editor
  3. Beautiful Audio Editor
  4. Hya-Wave Audio Editor
  5. Soundation
  6. Ofoct Audio Editor
  7. Audio Cutter
  8. Audio Trimmer
  9. Twisted Wave

We shall also take a look at the comparison chart for all the online editors listed above. So let’s start.


1. Probe Audio Editor




Probe is one of the best free audio editors available online with PRO level features.  It offers basic editing tools such as trimming, fade-in fade-out, audio reversal, normalize volume, amplify etc.

Pro level features such as waveform rendering, multi-threaded effects and unlimited history steps are also available.  The user interface is minimalistic, uncluttered and easy to use.  For the number of features it offers this editor is pretty nifty to use and will not overwhelm the common user.



2. Apowersoft Audio Editor



Apowersoft is a free Online Audio Editor from Apowersoft Ltd. This audio editor provides basic audio editing functions which allows you to cut, trim, split, merge, copy and paste audio files.  The interface is also minimalistic and easy to use.  The user will have to download a “Launcher” application which installs locally.  So it is not entirely online.  Clicking on “Launch Application” then launches the local launcher

Thereafter audio files can be loaded and edited.Apowersoft supports most of the popular audio formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, AAC, WMA, M4A, FLAC, AIFF etc.   There are no limitations regarding the length of the audio or the number files you can edit.


3. Beautiful Audio Editor




Beautiful audio editor is a free online audio editor that functions as a Google Chrome app.  The user can load audio files locally as well as from google drive.  Comparatively less features like cut, trim, split and merge are available.  The interface is not user friendly and took some time to learn.

Additionally, advanced features like adjusting the gain of the audio file and panning to left/right speakers are available.  Most of the audio formats are supported, but notably FLAC, AIFF, AIC AND AU formats are not supported.  There are no limitations on the length of the audio file and the number of files to edit.


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