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Nine Free Online Audio Editors

Nine Free Online Audio Editors

4. Hya-Wave Audio Editor



Hya-Wave is a free online audio editor which offers the basic functions that most audio editors do – cut, trim, paste, mix etc.  The audio file to be edited has to be dragged and dropped on to the designated area of the web page for it to be loaded.  Thereafter the graphical waveform display can be used to select the start and end points.

Additionally, various effects like – Allpass filter, Amplify, Bandpass filter, Bit crusher, Feedback delay etc., can be selected and added to the audio file.  There is no mention about the audio formats supported. You could also use your microphone to record audio.


5. Soundation





Soundation is a powerful online audio editor, with professional level features like recording, effects, virtual instruments and over 700 free loops and sounds.  The advanced features makes the utility run slow, such that even loading a 5MB audio file took a long time.

UI looks a bit complicated too and there was no display of hints while placing the cursor on the buttons.  Might be a bit too much for the common user who just wants to do some basic audio editing.


6. Ofoct Audio Editor




Ofoct audio editor offers basic audio editing features like cut, trim, paste and deleting portions of the audio file.  Advanced features like changing the gain of the audio, normalizing the volume, embedding silence and creating a fade-in or fade-out is also available.

Once the audio file is loaded, the left and right channels are displayed separately, but it does not allow editing individual channels.  No mention about audio formats supported.


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