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Nine Free Online Audio Editors

Nine Free Online Audio Editors

7. Audio Cutter



Want to make an iPhone ringtone straightaway? Or if splitting or trimming audio files is what you want to do, then the online AudioCutter is one of the best online editors available.

They have a comprehensive list of audio formats supported and it almost covers all of them out there.You can even extract an audio track from a video file.The UI is pretty simple to use.

Select the audio file to be edited either from your local hard drive or from the google drive.  Use the graphical waveform display of the audio file to select the start and end points and click “CUT”.

And there you have it, the trimmed audio file is available for download.


8. Audio Trimmer




Audio Trimmer is another online audio editing utility.  Straightaway one notices that there is a file size limitation of 10MB which is bit of a downer.  The start and end points of the output audio file can be set by clicking and dragging the handles on the waveform display.


Audio formats supported are mp3, wav, wma, ogg, m4a, aac, amr, flac, aif, m4r and 3gpp.  The same website has other pages devoted to mp3 conversion, Audio Speed changing and Audio Reversal.



9. Twisted Wave Online Audio Editor




Twisted Wave is a browser based online audio editor with advanced features.  Limitations galore for the free version of the editor.  One needs to register an account to edit files up to 5 mins in length.  To work on files bigger than that, a subscription needs to be bought.

The editor is server based and all your files are stored on the server and can be accessed from anywhere.  The editing feature set itself is pretty comprehensive with advanced recording features as well. One of the most notable feature is its ability to import SoundCloud files using an online bookmarklet.



Overall the Probe Audio Editor turned out to be the best free online audio editor.  With a mix of basic and professional features along with good processing speed and an aesthetic and easy to use interface, it was a clear winner. It would satisfy both the professional and basic user.

For basic audio editing tools the Audiocutter online editor would prove to be the best. But as all of the above are online and free versions available, it is best that you try each of them with a single sample audio file, and explore the features of each one yourself. You will find one that is best suited for your own need.


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