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12V LED accent floor lamp

12V LED accent floor lamp

Lets convert a dangerous halogen floor lamp into a safer 12V LED accent lamp that can be run from a battery charged by solar cells, or however you want to run it. That should make it environmentally green, less power consumed, recycled material and can be powered by a solar or wind charged battery
Someone coerced me into making this instructable, Well actually they’ve threatened me after the last two times I made conversions like this, without documenting it. And already another friend is asking me to convert his desk lamp to LEDs. My friends kept after me to take pictures and document the conversions for a web page.


First go out and buy yourself one of those trendy expensive halogen floor lamps…
Hold on there, that’s not right. Give me a minute while I go gargle with Ivory soap……
OK, first start watching on trash days for something interesting. Doesn’t have to be a floor lamp, the basic instructions here will work just as well with a desk lamp or even a metal mint case (if you want a really small light)….
On our last trash day Here I found a nice brass floor lamp with a movable arm so I could use it over my desk with out taking up desk space, that is needed for all my other clutter. Or I could use it behind my chair as I read a nice relaxing book….
But that halogen 100 watt bulb has to go. I’ve heard them called a dorm torch. If this falls over when it’s on, it can easily set loose paper or carpeting on fire

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