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16-bit ADC provides 19-bit resolution

16-bit ADC provides 19-bit resolution

Many data-acquisition systems require both high accuracy and a fast acquisition rate. These attributes allow the system to detect small data signals and to group more sensor channels into the same system. With more channels, the system can be smaller, less expensive, and less power-consuming. Long-distance optical communications and medical equipment, such as CT scanners, can benefit from a fast and accurate data-acquisition system. Optical power systems, such as laser pumps, need to constantly monitor their power levels. In such systems, the incoming laser-power range and the laser control-loop response time are such that the system needs a dynamic range of 90 dB or more and a sampling rate of 1M sample/sec. In CT scanners, 16- to 22-bit resolution is necessary for the data-acquisition system to process the large dynamic range of the X-rays through various body tissues. A large number of photodetectors (more data-acquisition channels) and high data accuracy improve the image resolution.


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