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2.4 GHZ. High Gain Antenna Construction

2.4 GHZ. High Gain Antenna Construction

Here is how to build a high gain antenna for 2.4 gHz wireless networks. A customized classic cantenna using 4 inch diameter aluminum dryer vent pipe, and a 4 to 6 inch pipe adapter. Although the basic design is the same as other cantenna type antennas, the materials are a bit different. Preliminary results show a gain of 15 DBi. Not bad for less than $10 worth of materials.
Here are the methods:


Snap the dryer vent tube together, and make sure the edges are flush at the seam. Measure 13.5 inches from this end, and cut the tube to this length.
Solder aprox. 1 1/2 in. of 14 ga. wire to the N Connector. I connect a spare N female to dissipate heat from soldering.
Measure 1.75 inches from the edge of the vent.
Drill, then use a reamer to enlarge the hole so that the N connector will properly seat on the surface.
Remove all of the burrs as a result of the reamer.
Drill 4 holes for mounting the N connector. I placed the heads of the screws in from the inside with washers.
Measure a piece of scrap wire 1.25 inches, and cut it to length.
Using this wire as a measuring guide, cut the wire that is soldered to the N connector to the 1.25 inch length.
Attach the 4″ vent clamp snugly to the end. This forms the tube into a circle. Then mark the aluminum along the outside of the clamp.
Cut the aluminum so that it is slightly larger than the 4 inch tube. Then place it on the end as shown.
Secure the plate with duct tape. Then place the 4 inch clamp over the duct tape to secure it.Cut 4 vertical slots in the 4 inch end of the 4″ to 6″ adapter. Slide the dryer vent tube INSIDE the adapter, and secure it with another 4 inch clamp.
Your cantenna is now ready fo use. Enjoy!

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