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300 W General Purpose Wide-range SMPS

300 W General Purpose Wide-range SMPS

The presented evaluation design is a 300 W Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) employing the Infineon Combi Controller IC ICE1CS02. The system is partitioned in a Power Factor Correction section (PFC stage) and a Two-Transistor Forward section (TTF stage).

The power supply can be operated from universal input (90 VAC up to 265 VAC at 50~60 Hz) and provides a regulated output of 42 VDC. Alternatively, suggestions are given to obtain 24 VDC or different outputs.


The PFC stage is using Infineon’s high voltage MOSFET 600 V CoolMOS™ C6 and Infineon’s power silicon diode technology, Rapid 2 Diode. To improve efficiency and reduce commutation noise Infineon’s thinQ!™ Generation 5 SiC Schottky Diode can be used. This stage works at a fixed frequency of 65 kHz, both in Discontinued Conduction Mode (DCM) and Continued Conduction Mode (CCM). The TTF stage takes benefit from 500 V CoolMOS™ CE MOSFET family. This stage works at 130 kHz in CCM mode.

This paper describes a detailed application circuit, the design choices, the PCB drawings, the oscilloscope waveforms and the components. Furthermore, magnetics, power losses evaluation in active devices and heatsink design are included.


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