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This is a tiny device to display animations and short messages. It consists of three components only and is really easy to build.
Use a breadboard to test the circuit and to try out new messages or animations. The controller on the breadboard is powered by the programmer with 5 Volts. That’s the reason for the 100 Ohm resistors. These are only needed on the breadboard.
Take the pliers and bend the pins slightly up. Afterwards, all pins should be somewhat aligned.
Now take the matrix display and bend its legs as well. You can use a piece of plastic to bend the legs over it. That may make is easier.
Now take the cable of the battery case and wrap them around one of the middle pins. Insert the cable on the top side of the matrix. Make a simple knot around the pin. That serves as strain relief. Strip the black wire a bit.
Fix the the controller in place with alligator clips. Place it on the matrix so that there are two pins on the top and on the bottom, that are not attached to the matrix.
Now solder two pins, one on each side.
Then remove the alligator clips and recheck the alignment of all pins. If all fits, solder the rest of the pins.
Last job is to hook up the battery cables. Form tiny hooks on the end of each cable. The red one connects to pin 20, the top right pin. The black cable connects to pin 10 at bottom left side.
Insert two AA batteries or rechargeables and switch it on. Every time you switch it on, it displays another one of the preprogrammed animation or text messages


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