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97 x 35 dots graphic LCD interface

97 x 35 dots graphic LCD interface

This is a small I2C 97×35 dots LCD with integrated controller and LED backlight. You will need these routines to display text or graphics with an 18f452
These routines take only 6% ROM and 3% RAM from a 18f452. So there will be enough space left to do other things.

All important pins are left free for later use: INT0, A/D converters and Timers.

Power save: there is a power save mode available on the module, but sadly enough this mode still takes around 3mA at 5V.


The big advantage is that the module is entirely driven by i²c. The backlight is also nice. Annoying thing about this LCD is that it needs an external -8V, but of course, there’s a solution for that! Indeed, i chose to use a simple voltage inverter with a CMOS 555. It could be done more easily with an additional 9V battery.

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