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A Comparison Of Reverse Recovery Measurement Systems

A Comparison Of Reverse Recovery Measurement Systems

A manufacturer of semiconductor devices had built a number of different reverse recovery time (tRR) measurement systems over the years. Some of these had been built with Avtech pulse generators as part of the system, and others used older equipment from other suppliers.

This manufacturer noticed that the different measurement systems were giving different results, even though the settings (forward and reverse current) were nominally the same. In particular, the test set-up that used the Avtech pulse generator tended to yield higher reverse recovery time (tRR) measurements than the older systems. The manufacturer’s clients were also reporting that some devices were marginal – that is, the tRR times were longer than expected.


This application note is a comparison of the reverse recovery measurement systems including those made by Avtech. The “old” test approach is not usable for modern ultra-fast devices. Avtech can provide standard and customized systems (including pulse generators and test jigs) which significantly replace older systems.