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Development Board for the STM32F042

Development Board for the STM32F042

Watch the video

There’s a short video to go with this article where I just walk through the board features and then briefly show the programming and demo code.

Lessons learned

When a project comes to a close and you have time to reflect then there’s always one or two things that you’d do differently and this one’s no different. Here are a few things that I’d do differently.

The ‘boot’ selector header is too close to the SWD header. With the SWD cable connected it would be a very tight fit to get a jumper across to select the RAM boot option.

If I were to shuffle a few components around I think I could probably stretch to a push-button on the board. It’s always nice to have a button.

The VDDA selection is a bit clunky. Selecting the internal 3.3V supply as the VDDA source with a jumper is obvious enough but it’s not obvious that to use an external VDDA you have to remove the jumper and connect your external supply to pin 3 in that header block. Pin 4 is effectively redundant.

Breadboard compatibility. If I increased the board size to the 10x5cm format then I’d have enough space to make the pin headers single row and thereby plug directly into a breadboard.


Get the Gerbers

Want to build this board yourself? If you can handle a 0.65mm pitch IC and a generous sprinkling of 0603 passives then you should find this a breeze to build. Head on over to my downloads page to get yourself a copy of gerbers that can be directly uploaded to Elecrow, ITead, Seeed or any other of your favourite prototyping houses.


Originally authored by Andy Brown at his website.

Bare PCBs for sale

I’ve got quite a few of these blank boards left over from the batch that I received from Elecrow and I’m happy to sell them on a first-come-first-served basis.



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