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A DIY FM stereo transmitter using famous BA1404 chip

A DIY FM stereo transmitter using famous BA1404 chip

This is a classic low-cost stereo FM transmitter that can send your signal to a FM receiver within 100 meter. This transmitter uses the famous BA1404 all-in-one chip and operates from 3v power supply. Stereo channel separation is excellent.

You can even use this as a front-end stereo RF signal generator for a large FM transmitter setup; by adding step-by-step RF amplifier.

A few inch long copper wire can be soldered at the PCB to use as an antenna. The gang-condenser can be used to adjust frequency output.


You can use this with your iPod or other audio source, inside your home or car on in an outdoor garden party or wherever you use. Use it even in a school science exhibition to demonstrate how stereo FM transmission works.



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