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A homebrew Simpleceiver project

A homebrew Simpleceiver project

Pete Juliano, N6QW, has been working on a DIY Simple-ceiver project. He writes:

Today I finished what I call the main board which is comprised of the Mixer stage (SBL-1) followed by the 1st IF Amplifier which is a 12 MHz design consisting of two J310 JFETS configured as a Dual Gate MOSFET. The board also contains the new 4 pole Crystal Filter followed by the 2nd IF AMP stage which is similar to the 1st IF Amp. Below is a photo of that board. I have tried to label the various sub-circuits so you can see the layout. The “squares” are 2/10 inch. The W1REX MePads would work ideal for this board.


Project info at Pete N6QW blog.

Check out the video after the break.