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A portable Nintendo game

A portable Nintendo game

Nintendo Gameboy sized toy, designed around a pirate NES chip with onboard games. A 2.5 inch color screen and original NES controller were wired up to create a portable NES with approximately 50 popular games built in and 6+ hour runtime on 4 AA batteries.
This is a design for a very simple, very inexpensive portable Nintendo gaming system with built in games. Theres no provision for cartridges, but its comfy to play.


  • Screen: 2.5″ with CCFL backlight
  • Audio: Headphone/line out
  • Games: “75million!” more like 50
  • Controller: original NES
  • Cost: Under $75
  • Case: Handheld, easy to work with, built-in battery compartment
  • Construction Time: 10 hours, perhaps less if you dont have to reverse engineer everything
  • Power: 4 x AA batteries (rechargable or alkaline)
  • Play time: 12hrs on alkaline, 6-8hr on NiMH

Materials: Pirate NES game system, NES controller, LCD screen, plastic enclosure etc.

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