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A Small Yagi Uda Television Aerial

A Small Yagi Uda Television Aerial

I started from one of the examples (70 cm, 12 elem) and scaled it to 2400 MHz as explained. I used 1.5 mm² domestic wire. I drilled small holes in the wood to put the wires in and I glued them in. One can see pieces of matches glued to fix the ‘N’ connector. I just used 8 elements for a first test .
I made two longer ones (66.5 cm, 20 elements). One with domestic electrical tubing (gray) that does not work and another one with a wooden stick (7×7 mm²) that gives me three dB’s more (I expected five). Maybe, it is because the wood is thicker? I don’t know yet what is important and what is not. What would make a good boom? Is it reproductible?… At first sight, it is easy to build, cheap and gives many dB’s.


Branislav M. asked me how I did wire the dipole on the ‘N-Connector’. Well, it is probably not the way to do… (I should use a Ballun, do it more carefuly,…). But it is the way I did it. And it seems to work (at least with a 2.5 meters pigtail). I have no idea how better it would be if it was ‘well’ done.

The 20 elements has been tested on 9.5 km with a CardboardHorn on the other side.

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