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A2DP Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

A2DP Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

I will talk about A2DP and show you a method I did to create my very own Bluetooth speakers with A2DP and use a pocket PC phone to stream high quality stereo sound to my speakers.
Bluetooth is perhaps one of the least understood technologies out there today. Most people think it’s something in a cell phone for a headset, and it’s much more than just that. The best part of Bluetooth is its profiles and one of my favorite profiles is the audio profiles AKA: AVRCP, and A2DP

1) Find speakers to destroy, that are amplified like ipod speakers MP3 etc., I used 50$ CA powered speakers from Staples

2) Make sure they have their own power AA or AAA batteries.

3) Take them apart and locate the wire lead to the speakers on the logic board of the speakers

4) Take your destroyed (but still functional) A2DP headphones. Logitech, ipaq, blue ant etc, and carefully take them apart, on one earpiece is the Bluetooth logic board, on the other ear piece is the battery back, the leads end up on the logic board anyway, and will be rechargeable and the battery lasts a very long time.


5) Drill a hole in back of the casing of the speakers

6) Carefully remove the speakers from the Logitech headphones and run new wires to the logic board to accommodate the connections to the logic board on the speakers

7) If you want volume control and amplification to the speakers locate the volume control on the logic board speakers and solder the 2 positive leads of the Logitech to the headphones positive speaker leads

8) Locate the negative common ground on the speaker’s logic board and solder that to the negative speaker lead of the Logitech

9) Solder the battery connections back to the Logitech board

10) Hot glue everything leave a space to be able to charge the Logitech headphone unit, remove the grills on the speakers to make it look less dinky.

Enjoy Bluetooth premium wireless music form any A2DP device.

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