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AD9834 and the IoT beacon

AD9834 and the IoT beacon

m0xpd writes:

I’ve been playing with a new RF generator for the IoT beacon…
Actually, I do myself a disservice, because I’ve done rather more than just play with the RF generator.
First, I’ve replaced the little USB to serial dongle which I used to program the original system and built a complete interface, using the same FTDI chip which was on the original dongle. The thinking behind this is to avoid the requirements for a clumsy interface to some of the more unusual UART lines (such as RTS and DTR), which are not taken out to the nice big header pins on a standard USB-Serial device.
Then, I’ve changed the RF generator – moving from the AD9850 DDS module as used previously to the AD9834 chip. You can see the hardware here…


More details at m0xpd’s ‘Shack Nasties’ blog.