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All about Android Coding – 23Hr training

All about Android Coding – 23Hr training

Break into an In-Demand Career with This Completely Free 23-Hour Training divided in 24 Free lessons.

1. Create an Android Game from Scratch Using AndEngine

Want to start developing games for Android? In just a few hours, you’ll develop a real life game with this step-by-step video course! Using AndEngine, you’ll create a simple space-invader-like arcade game, and customize how it looks to your liking. Choose from the included graphics to really make the game your own.

  • Learn to develop games for Android w/ over 24 lectures & 2 hours of content
  • Set up your development environment
  • Use AndEngine to develop 2D Android Games
  • Create a main menu for the game
  • Expand the game using Libraries
  • Use included guides to expand your knowledge

2. Using Java for Android & Advanced Applications

In this course, you’ll take your Java skills to the next level by using the expert instructor’s systematic teaching and helpful examples. He’s tailored this course for the individual who has learned the basics of Java, so arrive with a general background and a desire to learn.

  • Start programming in Android w/ over 35 lectures & 3 hours of content
  • Understand most programs in Java
  • Edit files in Java, including how to zip & unzip files
  • Work w/ Java networking to send files & user input remotely
  • Use recursion to solve problems much faster than w/ conventional Java techniques
  • Use Java to solve real world problems

3. Publish an Android Game App

Mobile gaming is an incredibly exciting industry, earning app publishers billions of dollars a year in revenue. However, the technology needed to publish apps can be complex and intimidating. That’s why this course was created to make it incredibly easy for anyone to publish their own game in the app store. All the tools you need are freely available and explained in detail in the course.


  • Learn to publish your own game w/ over 51 lectures & 3 hours of content
  • Understand what reskinning is
  • Start generating income by including ads
  • Name & theme your game
  • Learn about Keystores & SHA1 Hashes
  • Receive all source code & rights to reskin and upload the game

4. Android Material Design: Learning Through Example

This expert instructor has created custom apps that truly showcase the new Android Material Design library. He’s tailored this course for the individual who has learned the basics of Android, but doesn’t have a grasp on the new Material Design specifications. You’ll follow along to create apps that will solidify your knowledge of essential programming skills.

  • Build Material Design Applications w/ 24 lectures & 3 hours of content
  • Use the new Android RecyclerView & CardView
  • Quickly build apps using the Google Material Design Library
  • Follow along w/ the creation of several Android apps

5. Advanced Android Programming Skills

This course covers advanced topics in Android development, from saving user preferences to social sharing. Dive into advanced topics, and let these expert instructors help develop your skill set even further.

  • Take your Android skills to new heights w/ over 82 lectures & 11.5 hours of content
  • Follow the included Ultimate Android Tutorial
  • Study how to incorporate sharing apps like Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp
  • Save User Preferences in Android
  • Read & write data to files in Android

This course is completely Free at no charge to you – with Lifetime Access. Normally it sells for $144.

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