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App note: Conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors

App note: Conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors

Presenting the polymer capacitor by Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation. Link here (PDF)

Conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors, which will be abbreviated to “polymer capacitors” in the following, have been recently extending in their applications. The polymer capacitors as well as conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitors are featured by large capacitance and excellent bias characteristics which multilayer ceramic capacitors can never compete with. In addition to these advantages that aluminum electrolytic capacitors have as well, the polymer capacitors have extremely low ESR characteristics. Regarding ESL, which it is determined by inside structure and terminal configuration of the capacitors, by making structural improvements the polymer capacitors have low ESL compared with the conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitors.


Also, concerning the dry-out of electrolyte in service life and the changes of characteristics at a range of low temperatures that have been regarded as disadvantages in aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the polymer capacitors have realized very high reliability and superior low temperature characteristics by using solid polymer materials as an electrolyte.

The polymer capacitors having these features have been demonstrating their capabilities in various fields. Their common uses are described in this application note.