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App note: LDC0851 quick-start guide

App note: LDC0851 quick-start guide

Texas Instrument’s differential inductive switch LDC0851 application guide. Link here (PDF)

Texas Instruments introduced the LDC1000 in 2012, the industry’s first inductance to digital converter. LDC1000 revolutionized the world of proximity sensing by delivering increased reliability, high resolution, and lower total system cost.


The LDC1000 was soon followed by second generation multi-channel LDC devices like the LDC161x and LDC131x. With up to four sensing channels and 28 bits of resolution the second generation of LDC devices opened the technology up to a wider range of applications and simplified system design. However, TI firmly believed that Inductive sensing could be simplified further. The LDC0851 is a differential inductive switch with a push/pull output that does not require digital programming to enable simpler deigns and lower system cost. This Application Note is a three-step guide to becoming a LDC0851 power user.