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App note: TPS25810 Charging Port Over USB Type-C™

App note: TPS25810 Charging Port Over USB Type-C™

Allow more current from USB Type-C port, an application note from Texas Instruments utilizing TPS25810 and TPS2544 USB port manager. Link here (PDF)


The TPS25810 is a USB Type-C downstream facing port (DFP) controller that monitors the USB TypeC™ configuration channel (CC) lines to determine when a USB device is attached. When the upstream facing port (UFP) device Type C-to-B dongle is plugged in, the port supports connection of Type-B receptacle devices such as a mouse, smartphones, keyboards, external hard drives, and so forth. As these devices monitor the USB 2 data line (D+/D–), the TPS2544 USB charging port controller can be added to provide the electrical signatures on D+/D– to support BC1.2 and non-BC1.2 compliant charging schemes. This application note presents the design solution which offers fast charging of popular mobile phones, tablets, and media devices over the USB Type-C port.