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Assembly Guidelines for MicroFET 2×2 Dual Packaging

Assembly Guidelines for MicroFET 2×2 Dual Packaging

The Fairchild MicroFET 2×2 dual is a 2mm x 2mm package based on Molded Leadless Packaging (MLP) technology. This technology is often used for power-related products due to its low package height and excellent thermal performance. Large thermal pads in the center of the package solder directly to the Printed Wiring Board (PWB). Modularity in package design, single- and multi-die packages, is within MLP capability.


The MicroFET 2×2 has two large die-attach pads, allowing direct soldering to the PWB for best thermal and electrical performance. The MicroFET 2×2 is designed to be used with Fairchild discrete MOSFET products. This application note focuses on the soldering and back-end processing of the MicroFET 2×2.