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AVR-USB Remote Sensor

AVR-USB Remote Sensor

RemoteSensor is a more advanced example for using Objective Development firmware-only USB driver for Atmel AVR microcontrollers (AVR-USB). It is a wireless thermo- and hygrometer with an USB port on the receiver. You can draw fancy diagrams of temperature and humidity for up to 16 wireless sensors.
RemoteSensor is a more advanced example because it utilizes an interrupt endpoint to indicate to the host when new data arrived, demonstrating how AVR-USB handles a second endpoint. The receiver part is basically a serial to USB converter with special processing for the wireless protocol such as data integrity checks and data block buffering.


The entire system consists of the wireless sensors based on the low cost ATTINY26 microcontroller, the receiver running avr-usb on an ATMEGA8, Unix host software based on usblib which logs the measured data to a file in CSV format and a PHP script which integrates diagrams of the data into a web page:

If you really need to run the host side on Windows, you can compile it with minGW and libusb-win32.

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