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Best CPUs to Supercharge your Gaming Computer on a Budget

Best CPUs to Supercharge your Gaming Computer on a Budget


Building a gaming PC is a matter that can break your bank accounts because purchasing the best compatible hardware for the PC like its Motherboard, CPU, Graphics Cards, Memory, Keyboard, Mouse, etc. can get expensive. But today, there are a number of brands, who provide budget-friendly components for building gaming PCs.

In this article, we shall discuss about seven such cutting-edge CPUs that you can choose when you are on a tight to moderate budget.


How to choose the best gaming CPU?

Having a top-performing gaming PC is a dream of every gamer, and so everyone is looking to get the highest rated and super compatible equipment to build such gaming PC. You are always looking to make yourself locked into an upgrade path and ecosystem of a particular brand to pick a right processor. But, how will you choose the best gaming CPU among the number of company’s highly-qualified options? Here are some of the considerations that you can take into account while buying a CPU for a gaming PC.

  1. First and most important thing while buying a CPU is your budget because when you jump from one chipset to another chipset, then the price also can be changed by a significant amount. One thing you should always remember that it is not the selection of the GPU where you can get the unit to the amount available in your pocket. Only a few number of companies make X86 processors which are specially built for the gaming PCs.
  2. The second thing to consider is cores. It is true that multi-threads will help to increase the processing power of the CPU. But after a certain limit, there is no significant change in the CPU power despite the largest number of cores it has. For example, there is no too much difference I the performance of core i5 and core i7 processors.
  3. Also, the motherboard you buy should be able to extend its limits (overclocking) at certain levels that you want from it. It should also be capable of supporting the future upgrades that you will make on your PC.


What is the best CPU for gaming PCs?

Getting the best stuff does not always mean to have the most expensive one, and it also applies to a gaming CPU. It is not necessary that the costliest CPU is the perfect for building a gaming PC, or a CPU with the highest number of cores or threads will perform the best than others. After all, the large number of a thread will not be taken into account while you are gaming if you don’t get the high-speed in a single core throughput. This is important because games are still relying on a CPU power in a single thread while it comes to give optimal performance.


A CPU for gaming PC is the most important thing to get most out of the GPU. So, you should check that the CPU and GPU you are buying for your gaming PC are compatible with each other and can optimize the performance depending on one-another.

Still, if you have doubts in your mind of which CPU is best for your gaming PC, then take a look at the list below and put your fear out of your mind.


7)  Intel BX80677I57500 Core i5-7500

I think I will be saying this a hundred (!) times that the 6th and 7th generation processors are not too much differing from each other and reviewing the kind of one can easily predict the performance of the other. The 7th gen CPUs are quite up to the mark than the 6th gen units, almost to 5%.

Intel Core i5 Processor


  • The Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology gives easier overclocking support
  • Outstanding visual performance when you play 4K HD videos, super-fast action games, or wanting a true VR experience
  • Stylish design with smart size makes it easy to fit in your system
  • Can be a great choice for the beginners
  • Most affordable Core i5 processor from Intel


  • The Turbo Boost feature can be a little bit faster and advanced
  • Comparing to the lower 6th-Gen processors, not a very high-class performance


Though it lacks a few applications and 4-core threads, the Intel Core i5 7500 is a real game-centric CPU. Rather you do 3D rendering, editing in Photoshop, doing multitasking, or just basic computing tasks, this processor will never let you down.


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6) Intel Core i3-7100 BX80677I37100

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