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Boost your wireless signal with this DIY Parabolic Antenna

Boost your wireless signal with this DIY Parabolic Antenna

Here we make a cheap antenna (more of an antenna add on) that boosts a wireless signal in one direction by at least 50%. I saw my speeds increase from 800kB/s to 1200 kB/s and my signal strength increase from 14dB to 21dB.
1. Trace the pattern onto a piece of cardboard. You can either cut the pattern and trace it, or poke holes in it along the dotted line and put a pen through the holes, making a mark on the cardboard. Make sure to mark the focal point however you choose to do it. 

2. Cut out the cardboard with the box cutter or a really sharp knife. 

3. Repeats steps one and two until you have two identical pieces. (trim if necessary) 


4. The next piece to cut out is the main reflector, I just eyeballed this and then trimmed it down but I will put up measurements and more pictures soon. 

5. Make holes big enough to fit over your routers antenna where the focal points, or foci, are. 

6. Cover each of the three pieces in tin foil. 

7. Use duct tape to tape the pieces together as shown so that the reflector maintains its parabolic shape. You do not want any gaps where your “half-circles” meet your main reflector. 

8. Put it on your router and point it in the direction you wish to use your wifi network in.

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