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Breath Alcohol Tester controlling a car ignition system

Breath Alcohol Tester controlling a car ignition system

The system will test an individual’s blood alcohol level by analyzing the breath exhaled into system, in which the sytem will decide whether to let the individual start the car.

The breath alcohol tester is an electronic device used to test the blood alcohol content (BAC) in a person’s blood stream. Several other methods of alcohol detection exist, such as chemical reactions, optical- interference, infrared absorption, and heat generation from a catalytic reaction on a hot platinum wire. These methods, however, have the disadvantages of being difficult to handle and maintain. They are also very expensive and have a very limited lifetime.


This device utilizes a semiconductor sensor to analyze a person’s exhaled breath. This method is both simple and affordable. The semiconductor device offers the an added advantage in that it is robust; it is highly immune to shock and vibration, and therefore more reliable.

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