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Build a digital thermometer in one minute!

Build a digital thermometer in one minute!

Just follow the picture exactly in less than 1 minute and you have to download a source code and make this thing work.
Parts List:

1 CB280 Start Kit

1 CLCD420B

1 DS1620 (available at or too)

available at

Estimated Time to Assemble: 1 minutes

Estimated Time to Program: zero (source code provided)

Okay, it seems like the only class I really enjoyed in college was the embedded computer class. All the other circuit classes and computer language classes bore the hell out of me because they was no actual product.

With embedded computers, you actually physically get to see stuff and that’s what I liked about it.


Well I started w/ the Motorola MC68 series microcontrollers and it took me almost a week to make a digital thermometer. I had to make everything from scratch. It was still interesting because I made something physical and it worked!

Anyways, now I am glad I can do the same thing except it only takes me 1 minute!

Not because I got smarter but mostly because I’ve done this thousand times now, but I think anyone should be able to accomplish this in 1 minute if you follow these directions.

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