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Build a Universal Remote with Arduino

Build a Universal Remote with Arduino

With this clever project from Tony DiCola you overcome the confusion of having multiple remotes by combining them all into an Arduino powered universal remote.  The remote is built using a number of common parts including a IR led and an IR receiver. The IR receiver is used to decode the signals from the original remotes so that they can be sent to your entertainment devices by the IR led on the universal remote. When set up, the universal remote can provide an interface between your various entertainment devices and your smartphone allowing you to control all of your devices from your smart phone.


Is your remote control collection getting out of control? With a television, cable box, Blu-ray player, and stereo, not only does each remote take up space, but making them work to turn on the right devices and set the right inputs can be very frustrating! You might consider buying a fancy programmable remote control, but they can be expensive and sometimes don’t offer the control or interface you want. This smart remote control project will show you how to build a device that can send and receive remote control codes from a web page. You can program exactly the functionality that you need from any smart phone or computer!


To get started on this simple but useful project, check out the following link.