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Build your own Robotic WebCam

Build your own Robotic WebCam

Build a webcam that can be viewed and controlled from the web. You will need a servo, a webcam and aParallax Basic Stamp 2 Starter Kit.

  • the pins of the COM2 port are connected to a Parallax BASIC microcontroller. it is running a small progam (written in Parallax Basic) which listens for signals.
  • upon receiving the turn signal on the COM2 port the microcontroller sends a pulse signal to the servo motor. depending on the duration of the positive-going pulse, the servo rotates accordingly.

To stream live video directly from your computer, you will need WebCam32?software. It allows you to show streaming video from a webpage by pointing the source URL directly at your own PC. You may have to open up the appropriate ports on your firewall. WebCam32 contains a Java applet which is automatically launched on the viewer’s browser.


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