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Bye bye Berlin

Bye bye Berlin

I left Berlin.

Now I will be traveling here and there for the next months.

I will visit Norway, Sweden, New York, Miami, Grand Cayman Island and Colombia.

It’s gonna be amazing!

But it’s been craaaazy busy these last days.

My email inbox is a mess.

I’m working overtime on a book with a US publisher.

And before leaving Germany, I was interviewed and featured in the German magazine Geo Magazine.

Which was really cool!

I’m trying to catch up with everything this week.


But it’s hard when I’m on the road.

There’s a tutorial I want to publish on how to use a radar with Arduino.

It’s soon out.

So stayed tuned.


Keep on Soldering!

PS! If you want to learn how to build things with electronics. Here’s the place to start:

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